The Fishing Industry Safety Group (FISG) meets on a regular basis to ensure that all organisations are working together to support the fishing industry in a positive and efficient way. It involves all the industry stakeholders across the United Kingdom and encourages greater integration towards a safer fishing industry.

Stability information

Following neumerous accidents where stability of the vessels involved was brought in to question FISG are now recomending that under 15m Fishing vessels are aware of their stability parameters. For many vessels in the under 15m Fishing fleet precise stability information is not readily available for the vessel, which causes problems when loading, comming fast and modifying the vessel. To help with this lack of vessel specific information FISG members encourage the use of the Wolfson Stability Information that can be easily calculated from the vessels length and breadth. This data has been used by the MAIB in several repports to show that had a greater awareness of these basic freeboard based conditions been considered the outcome may of been a lot better for the vessels involved.

The notice has a simple guidance page to explain the effects of reduced freeboard specific to the vessel, and a optional mark that relates to this guidance which should be fitted at the location or locations of least expected freeboard from the effects of fishing with the vessel.

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Calculating the Wolfson Stability information for decked vessels under 15m